5000 ₽

A long, warm, stitched scarf in a classic cut. The monochrome print is made in a weaving technique using black, milk and graphite yarns. It keeps you warm and looks good for a long time.

The scarf can be used to protect against the cold and also as a recognisable accessory. It is long enough to wrap several times around the neck, or to make a knot of any complexity.

The basis of the print is the text of the calligraphy manifesto. The scarf also features the phrase United World, which continues the calligraphy theme in our clothing collection and tells us that the world will unite even more strongly after the pandemic. On the back of the scarf is a monochrome pattern created by Pokras for the ballet “Touch the Light”.

Composition: 100% acrylic
NET weave
Size: 200x30cm