5000 ₽

Black sweatshirt with a straight silhouette in a chunky fleece. Black longsleeves with elasticated ribbed round neckline and long sleeves with wide cuffs. Long sleeves with wide cuffs. Monochrome print with bright acid green elements on the chest and sleeves.

This trouser model is created as part of the Meta La Fleur collection. All prints in the collection can be read as follows: “Little black flowers growing in the sky. Canvases are our grey skies. Words are our flowers. Meta is the spirit of the times.”

De petites fleurs noires qui poussent dans le ciel.

Little black flowers grow, in the sky.

Composition: Futer, 92% cotton, 8% lycra.

Print method: silkscreen printing

Density: 320 g/m