4444 ₽

The print of this release is based on the series of works “CALLIGRAFUTURISM” painted in Yekaterinburg on Uralmash in 2020 as part of the illegal street art festival “Carte Blanche” and defaced with silhouettes of phalluses by an unknown vandal the next morning. As a result, the citizens of Yekaterinburg themselves set about restoring the mural, which turned into an unplanned art performance.

Every tenth T-shirt in the release has a layer of transparent phosphorus paint in the shape of phalluses, and will randomly fall into the hands of every tenth customer. And yes, that print mysteriously glows in the dark and UV spectrum.

T-shirts are packaged in special opaque packaging and are shipped out of stock with no printing option. T-shirt has a loose fit and elongated sleeves. Limited Edition.

All owners of phallic T-shirts will get a unique collector’s NFT-token. Just post a pruf of owning this rare item and we will get back to you with a digital artifact and instructions for getting the token.

Composition: Futer, 100% cotton
Print Method: Silk Screening
Density: 190 gr/m
Unisex, oversize